The Most Popular Designs of Bridges

10 Feb

All over the world, bridges are popular structures because they are constructed to connect places that were impassable. They open up places and makes it easy for the free movement of people and goods. For instance, a bridge can connect the mainland to an island making accessible using motor vehicles. The significance of bridges cannot be underestimated in modern society but have you ever wondered how many types of bridges exist? If you do not have an idea, then continue reading to learn more about various bridges available and other vital info.

The arch-shaped bridge design. From their name, you can guess rightly that the bridges are arch-shaped. They are the most popular types of bridges, and they have been around for a long time compared to other design of bridges. Their use and essence in the modern world cannot be underestimated even though they are old designs. Most arch bridges are constructed from steel and concrete while others are made from stone, but a detailed narration about its construction is available on a website that focuses on bridge construction. You may get some more info.

The cable-stayed bridge design. This is an outstanding design, and apart from performing its purpose, it adds beauty to the environment. It is a superstructure that gets the attention of people. It has cables supporting the roadway to the towers. It is almost similar to a suspension bridge. Cable designs popularly used for the bridge are fan and harp.

The utility bridge design. If you have ever heard about temporary bridges, then the utility bridge is one of them. In most cases, they are not permanent structures because they are constructed to accomplish tasks in inaccessible areas. The bridge performs its purpose for a short period. Lots of info about utility bridge is available on the internet, and you can learn about its construction and materials to use.

The suspension bridge design. Of all the bridge designs available, this is the most noticeable. They might look like simple structures, but they are a bit complex to construct. In a scenario where two far off places have to be connected using a bridge, the suspension bridge turns out to an ideal choice. The roadway is supported by cables, ropes or chains and then linked to a supporting tower at the center which holds the weight of the bridge and distributes it evenly.

The beam bridge design. Other types of bridges might seem complex but this one is not, and it does not require lots of techniques to put up. It is a straight bridge constructed using beams. It is one of the oldest bridge designs which is still preferred today.

The pontoon bridge design. This is an example of a floating bridge. A pontoon bridge floats on water with the aid of boats or floats. These bridges are light duty, and pedestrians and small traffic usually use them. Refer from this website for samples.

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